Monday, October 31, 2016

Confused Vegetarian in Singapore


Its been more than two years in Singapore and I still feel like that I am tempted for interesting and tasty vegetarian food. Though I have tried quite a bit, but I am sure there is much more to explore in this city which never disappoints.

When I first came to this city, I would daily end up eating Dosa or bread or something Indian or praying weekend to come soon to eat at Little India. Being an Indian, and that too from a family which never used to eat Onion, Eggs etc., it was hard time to cope up with daily needs. With the confused look every time, I used to visit food court and end up eating Subway.

Until, I realized this will not work and will surely not work in longer run. You cannot expect your multi lingual and multi cultural colleagues to accompany you in your lunch or dinner hunger of Indian food every time. And trust me to develop healthy relations eating is the best time and you don't want to miss that out. Thus, that is the point where you start thinking for where should I start and what should I try first.

The confusion deepens when you hear the names of the dishes and you have no idea what are they offering you. One of the shops at the start offered me some cake and told me it is vegetarian. After my first bite, I found it unusual and asked my colleague and he explained it contains fish. Such incidences can happen anytime anywhere and with anyone. Thus, to minimize the risk and develop the taste I started with some of the options mentioned below.

Today I am covering a few from the list and would love my readers to suggest more and appealing options for all of us to try. For the starters, I recommend try Kaya Butter Toast - its bread with Kaya and Butter filling and goes perfectly with your morning Tea or Coffee. At the start I never developed the taste but slowly it became part of my daily breakfast option. 

If you like and want to try Chinese Vegetarian Food, I recommend Nature Vegetarian at Bukit Merah near ABC. I was always baffled by the thought what to try and what not. Being an Indian, my favorite option used to be Indian vegetarian food but now this is something to vouch for every time I want a change of taste.

If you have ever felt like trying Vegetarian Wanton Noodles or Vegetarian Laksa or even Brown Rice with veggies and Bee Hoon, give it a try. Its healthy, tasty and refreshing. Even you can ask at shops to give you Tofu with vegetables. You can even tell them to make it extra spicy for you, or you can always add red chili's and spring onions for the taste enhancement.

You can also try Thunder Tea Rice at ABC Food Court. Its green tea soup with brown rice, veggies, peanuts and many other toppings. Traditionally its a Hakka Dish, little salty and if you want to enrich the taste add peanuts (not recommended if you are trying to loose or maintain weight). Its rich in nutrients and recommended for weigh watchers. These are just few to start on. Keep reading on this page to know about more options and cuisines you can try out.

Keep eating and Keep reading!